Comparison of characteristics and applications of several coating machines

Comparison of characteristics and applications of several coating machines

Comparison of characteristics and applications of several coating machines

Dec 14,2021

Coating machine is mainly used for surface coating process production of film and paper. This machine coats a layer of glue, paint or ink with specific functions on the coil base material, and winds it after drying.

Using a dedicated multi-functional coating head, it can achieve various forms of surface coating. The rewinding and unwinding of the coating machine is equipped with a full-speed automatic film connection mechanism, and PLC program tension closed-loop automatic control.

The domestic coating industry is very large, and there are many types of coating machines, including door roll coaters, film transfer roll coaters, air knife coaters, and knife coaters, but different coaters have different applications. . Therefore, the choice of coating machine should be based on product quality requirements, different paper properties, coating properties, coating size, coating speed and other comprehensive considerations.

Menkun coating machine

Menkun coating machine has simple structure, relatively low cost, convenient operation and reliable operation. The coating amount is generally 3~8g/m05. It is suitable for the coating of low-gram-weight coated paper and can also be used for pre-coating of coated base paper.

Film transfer roll coater

Film transfer roller coater is suitable for sizing and coating of medium and high-value cloth, for newsprint and label paper coating, for pre-coating of coated paper and cardboard, and can replace Menkun coating machine.

Air knife applicator

The air knife applicator is a versatile and widely adaptable applicator. The application is more common. It is not easy to produce scratches and spots when painting, and the painting is more flexible. However, the air knife coater is randomly coated, and the coating only adheres to the surface of the base paper, which cannot improve the flatness of the paper. The air knife coater can be used in combination with knife coating. The pits on the paper surface can be filled with a knife or metering rod first, and then the air knife is used for surface coating. Air knife coating speed is generally 120~320m/min, up to 600m/min. The coating amount can reach 25g/m05, which is mostly used for small-scale out-of-machine coating, in-machine coating and carbon-free copy paper coating.

Knife coater

The surface of the knife coater can be filled with the uneven surface of ordinary paper to make the surface of the coating smooth and has good printing performance; it can be adapted to the coating of 50%-65% high solid content coatings, and the coating volume is generally 5~ 20g/m05; suitable for high-speed operation, up to 2000m/min. The main disadvantages are the large wear of the scraper, frequent replacement, and streaks on the coating surface.